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Charter Boat Rentals

Details for reserving private charter boat rentals with American Beauty Cruises & Charters are provided here. Please check our FAQ Page. Contact us directly, however, if you cannot find the information you are looking for. Parking information can be found here.

Getting Started – 2 step charter boat reservation process

STEP 1: Fill out the CHARTER REQUEST FORM. After that, we will get back to you on the availability of the date and time you are requesting for your boat charter. Usually within 24 hours.

STEP 2: Fill out and sign the CHARTER AGREEEMENT.  Send it in with your deposit. This locks in your charter boat reservation. Details are on the agreement.

Charter boat rental rates

Charter Boat Rentals Information: 

American Beauty II  is U.S. Coast Guard approved to hold up to 33 passengers*. We do private charters for weddings, bachelor and bachelorette parties, Sag Harbor Grucci Brothers fireworks, school class reunions and group reunions, picnics, camp trips, photo sessions, fundraisers and much more. Because it is private, bring your food, and beverages to create fond memories of your special occasion! Bring your favorite playlists on a mobile device with bluetooth and we can play it through the American Beauty II’s sound system.

Private charters are available 7 days a week. Charters take precedence over the Sunset Cruises and the 90 minute Nature Cruises. However, you must make a reservation to hold the time and date.

Weather Policy:
The captain determines if a charter is canceled due to inclement weather. If canceled, guests have the option to reschedule or be refunded their deposit.

Start and Stop Times:
The charter begins and ends at the times agreed to and specified in the charter contract.

In the case of a departure time delayed by the guests chartering the boat, the boat still returns as scheduled in the charter contract. If extra time is needed because of the delayed departure, it may be possible to extend the cruise at regular rates. This is at Captain Don’s discretion because he must consider schedule, crew availability, etc.

* boat capacity may be less than 33 guests durning COVID pandemic safety rules.

Birthday party private charter boat rental with American Beauty Cruises & Charters

Private Charter COVID-19 Update:

The following rules are for private charters only. Different rules apply for open boat cruises.

Masks are required upon boarding and deboarding.: Once the boat is away from the dock and moving (and the air is flowing) you do not have to wear masks as long as you socially distance from Captain Don and the first mate. If you need to discuss anything with them, please put the mask back on. As we return and approach Long Wharf, please put your masks back on until you leave the dock. For the most part you will have the boat to yourselves, but social distancing respect for the captain and crew is required by law and appreciated.

Temperature screening: All passengers will have their temperature taken with a touchless forehead thermometer before boarding the boat.

Please refer to our COVID-19 Update page for more details.