American Beauty Cruises & Charters

What are the advantages of taking a private charter over the 90 minute Nature Cruise or the 2 hour Sunset Cruise?

There are a number of advantages to the private charter, including, but not limited to:

  • Private charters schedules take precedence over the Sunset and 90 Minute Nature open boat cruises.
  • The open boat cruise’s schedule and duration are fixed. Private charters start and end on your schedule.
  • The trip is private. Other than the crew, only you and your guests will be aboard. You can bring your dog.
  • Plan the route you want to take with Captain Don
  • For very large groups, the private charter is less expensive than the open boat cruises.
  • Play your own music through the boat’s sound system. You can plug your mobile device directly into our sound system or access it via bluetooth.