American Beauty Cruises & Charters

American Beauty II is the Hamptons Boat Ride

American Beauty II is a classsic custom built 44 foot Chesapeake deadrise sightseeing and party boat.  The Chesapeake deadrise is a powerboat designed to meet the challenges of working the bay.  Deadrise refers to a line rising upward from the keel to the chine, which determines the V shape of the bottom of the hull.  A boat with  “significant deadrise” is a boat with a deeper, sharper V-shaped hull.  The V shaped hull can cut through the water with greater ability to efficiently channel the water away as it meets the boats hull.  This helps ensure a smooth Hamptons boat ride. As a result, whether it is a private charter, a sunset cruise or our 90 minute nature cruise, American Beauty II is the Hamptons Boat Ride.

American Beauty II

AMENITIES – American Beauty II amenities  include:

  •  a head (restroom)
  •  a shaded area for those who need to get out of the sun
  • viewing benches along the port side, starboard side, bow, and stern of the boat
  • two tables that can be used to handle your food and beverage requirements
    • small table is approximately 4 feet x 2 feet
    • large table is approximately 4.5 feet x 9 feet
Buffet onboard American Beauty II private charter
American Beauty II boarding ramp

SAFETY – in addition to our annual US Coast Guard safety inspection, the USCG performs a hull inspection every 5 years. Some other safety features of note:

  • handicap ramp access
  • guard rails at 42 inches high remove the requirement for all passengers to wear life jackets*
  • Captain and crew are drug tested annually
  • Boat is cleaned and disinfected before every trip per NYS COVID protocol

∗ while life jackets are not required, they are available for anyone who prefers to wear one