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COVID-19 update

COVID-19 2022 Update

Updates to our operational changes due to the  COVID-19 pandemic are documented here.  We are making every effort to provide a safe experience for our customers and crew during this unprecedented time. The good news is that our operation is completely outdoors and most experts agree that being outdoors is much safer than being indoors. Adding social distancing and safety mask requirements, provides an additional layer of safety. We will continue to work with guidelines from safety experts, Governor Hochul and local health authorities to help us operate our boat rides in a safe and responsible manner. This page is to keep everyone informed of our operational changes and we welcome comments, ideas and suggestions.

Operational Changes - (updated 1-JAN-2022)



Passenger Requirements

  • Masks are required upon boarding and deboarding:
    Once the boat is away from the dock and moving (and the air is flowing) you are not required to wear masks as long as you socially distance from Captain Don and the first mate. If you need to discuss anything with them, please put the mask back on. As we return and approach Long Wharf, please put your masks back on until you leave the dock. For the most part, you will have the boat to yourselves, but social distancing respect for the captain and crew is required by law and appreciated. Please note that COVID-19 requirements for private charter passengers is less restrictive due to entire party being from the same household and social distancing is not necessary except from the captain and crew.

Note 1: If your temperature is determined to be greater than 100 degrees F, you will not be allowed to board and your ticket purchase will be refunded. You will not be allowed to board at a later date without a negative COVID test result taken within 24 hour before scheduled boarding.